Start your Skin Journey NOW!

No need to constantly experiment with different products with no results.  No need to google what will work for your skin.  Just because something’s worked for someone else, you probably wonder why it won’t work for you.  Your skin is unique. Let our experienced professional skin experts whose philosophy is steeped in science and research guide and support you.

We will take the guess work out of figuring out what’s best for your skin, INSIDE OUT.  Many external and internal factors affect the health of our skin and we will hold your hand and walk you through it.  A 30-minute consultation will allow us to do a deep dive into your skin regimen.  With 13 years of experience in the medical esthetics industry, we will analyze your skin, address major skin concerns, and educate you on how to correct skin concerns and maintain your skin with a customized regimen. We will also give you advice on what professional treatments that take your results to a whole different level.  A consultation will be the perfect start or addition to your skin care journey.  All you need is one thing:  COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY!

Personal Virtual Consultation

  • Skin Concerns 
  • Health History
  • Skin Treatment History
  • Lifestyle & Diet
  • Current Routine and Ingredients
  • Customized Skin Prescription and Tips
  • Q&A


Is it better to do an in-person consultation versus a virtual consultation?

The virtual consultation is the exactly the same as the in-clinic consultation.  The only difference is that we don’t get to touch your face as you won’t be getting a treatment.  We will address that when we see you for a treatment

If I complete a virtual skin consult, can we get an appointment sooner if we are on the wait list?

Certainly!  Because this shaves some time off the first-treatment, it is easier to find a shorter time slot.  However, this also depends on your flexibility as well.  Please let use know if you want to be on the short-notice list as well


What if I don’t have skin concerns?  Can we still book a consult?

Of course, skin education is key in preserving your skin!  It is also a lot easier to PREVENT and PRESERVE than to correct.